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Welcome to the other side of Peoria

 The Peoria area has an abundance of exciting outdoor opportunities and fabulous local dining spots that are often overlooked by visitors-as well as myself sometimes. My Peoria is loaded with hundreds of miles of trails, thousands of acres of creeks, rivers and parks, and an untapped potential. 

Why I made this site

I wanted to create a site that combined the very best of the local outdoor clubs, groups, and restaurants that make the central Illinois area a special place, and in the process, help promote  the groups and individuals that make up these entities. 

This site brings together a cross section of different groups

Many of the pages linked here simply piggy back on the hard work of others who have put together much of the information on their own club sites. My only objective with this project was to link a few together for myself and other outdoor enthusiasts, and in the process-promote these groups and people. 

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Here's a good place to check out for postings of different events and happenings around the area from different groups and clubs. 

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 While I encourage you to comment directly on my blog posts, you can also contact me directly.  Always looking for new  ideas!

Peoria Outdoor Adventure