first Ascent PEORIA

Check out this great video

Fat biking out at Kinsey Park

Here's a little clip of some fat biking in the snow out at Kinsey Park in Peoria. Taken 11/27/2018

360 degree climb with Alex Honnold-

Best viewed on your smart phone for the real 360 degree effects

Sorry...trip with my son...had to include it

Rafting trip with Matt , 2018

Utah And Washington with OARS

Pool sessions with the Mackinaw Canoe Club

Pool sessions with the Mackinaw Canoe Club. Not a lot of kayaking in Illinois in January and the Mackinaw Canoe and Kayak club offers pool sessions to practice techinque, rolls and rescue tactics. 

Trip to Colorado this summer

Trip to Colorado 

First paddle of the year on Jan 1

First paddle of 2017 on the Mackinaw River

Video of an early morning trip on the Illinois River

Pics from the Illinois River paddle

Aerial view of the bump track at Wildlife Praire Park

Aerial video of a ride around the hump track at Wildlife Prairie Park

Obstacle race at Wildlife Prairie Park

Video of a obstacle race at Wildlife Prairie Park

Pool sessions

Feb 17, 2019 Pool session with Mackinaw Canoe Club