Kayaking and Canoeing links

Mackinaw Canoe and Kayak Club


This is a local canoeing and kayaking club that offers outings year round in a number of different locations both within the state and out of it. 

Prairie State Canoeist


 A group of canoeing and kayaking enthusiests that also plan trips throughout the midwest and beyond. 

Banner Marsh

View from a drone above Banner Marsh

Banner Marsh is a 4,300+ acre marsh about 25 miles south west of Peoria with an abundance of options for canoes, kayaks and paddleboards 

Mackinaw Canoe Club calendar of events


The Mackinaw Canoe Club hosts their scheduled events on the MeetUp site. Although there are many outings that pop up on their Facebook site as well. 

Central Illinois Canoe and Paddling Meetup


Another great resource and club for canoeing and kayaking throughout central Illinois, the midwest and beyond. 

The Illinois River


Plenty of options to jump out on the water for some paddling along the river. 

Central IL Kayaking on the Spoon River

A Facebook Group that posts different outings along the Spoon River, which floats west of Peoria

A Facebook group that posts outings along the Spoon River, located a short drive west of Peoria. 

Central IL Kayaking/Floating


A Facebook group that posts different outings for floats of all interests in and around the Peoria area